Bad About Blogging!!!

February 4, 2015 by admin

Yes I have to admit I have yet to get good at blogging on a regular basis and I really should be doing it for so many reason that will further my success in the Photography Business.  Guess I could say I have been very busy and of course I have been doing many things of late.  Things like attending the 2014 Awards Night for the Bateman Wolves Football Program which is a team I have been involved in since it began five seasons ago.  This is a shot of me and three young ladies who’s help have been essential to the team running smoothly, our Team Managers Chloe, Jessica, and Sarah.Awards-2014-0575  Then there was two wonderful weeks in Mexico with my wife of 28 years JoAnn and her Father and Step Mom.  Not many guys can wear a shirt like mine while looking good doing it! Mexico-2014-9781 Once back from vacation CIS Basketball season had begun and we have a niece who plays at Trinity Western University so attending their home games is a high priority for us.  Of course shooting sports is one of my first loves so my gear comes along and I do spend some time on the floor court side catching the action. TWU-vs-Leth-8831 Have also attended two workshops in the last few months, one was cosplay  themed and the other a  basic studio lighting workshop. Both were time well spent and it was fun to meet some new models and photographers.  MVP-Workshop-0918Cosplay-2014-9674Well that is it for now stay tuned as this is going to me a more regular habit for me from now on.


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