Last weekend I had the great pleasure of shooting John and Selmarie at several locations around Abbotford.  They are a seniors at Abbotsford Secondary and both are excellant students with plays for college.  Previously I had shot Selmarie at the Fraser valley Academy of Dance.  the weather was not what we had hoped but we did not get wet so that was good!!  We did some formal type images at the garden behind the Abby Library which was completely deserted so we had it all to ourselves.

Selmarie-&-John2-3843 From there we headed over to Trethewey House where we were found an event in progress so had to very quickly sneak in a few shots on the house porch.


Next was the train tunnel in Matsqui near the mission bridge and alas we heard a “train a coming round the bend” so back in the truck and off to downtown Abbotsford to finish up.


Selmarie-&-John-3882 It was a fun 3 hours and they both loved the images form our time together!!


A few weeks back my friend and great photography Alan Bailward (Bailward Photography) and I were talking about how we would like to try shooting a Ballerina.  Well long story short after some inquiries a mutual friend hooked us up with the Fraser Valley Academy of Dance in Mission.  We blocked off a Sunday afternoon to set up at their studio and they arranged a bevy of Dancers to strut their stuff for us. As this project grew in scope Al and I invited a third shooter , Monte Arnold ( Fly in the Eye Photographic Arts), to join us.  It was a great experience and these young dancers were so impressive.  At their request we shot many images over and over till they we satisfied that their form was perfect.  Such work ethic in young people is rare in my experience and they forced us to expect more from our shots.  Time very well spent and we hope to return to FVAD again in the near future.








Yes I have to admit I have yet to get good at blogging on a regular basis and I really should be doing it for so many reason that will further my success in the Photography Business.  Guess I could say I have been very busy and of course I have been doing many things of late.  Things like attending the 2014 Awards Night for the Bateman Wolves Football Program which is a team I have been involved in since it began five seasons ago.  This is a shot of me and three young ladies who’s help have been essential to the team running smoothly, our Team Managers Chloe, Jessica, and Sarah.Awards-2014-0575  Then there was two wonderful weeks in Mexico with my wife of 28 years JoAnn and her Father and Step Mom.  Not many guys can wear a shirt like mine while looking good doing it! Mexico-2014-9781 Once back from vacation CIS Basketball season had begun and we have a niece who plays at Trinity Western University so attending their home games is a high priority for us.  Of course shooting sports is one of my first loves so my gear comes along and I do spend some time on the floor court side catching the action. TWU-vs-Leth-8831 Have also attended two workshops in the last few months, one was cosplay  themed and the other a  basic studio lighting workshop. Both were time well spent and it was fun to meet some new models and photographers.  MVP-Workshop-0918Cosplay-2014-9674Well that is it for now stay tuned as this is going to me a more regular habit for me from now on.


Once again this year I had the pleasure of shooting an event on the North Shore called FemSport. FemmeSport-2014-1332 It is a ladies fitness contest that tests strength, speed, stamina ans agility.  FemmeSport-2014-0598Very inspiring to shoot these fit, fierce competitive women as they put forth all they have to win.  FemmeSport-2014-1585Shipbuilders Square was the perfect spot for all the events which included obstacle course, kettle ball shuttle run, box jumps, tractor tire flip and finally inverted rows.  FemmeSport-2014-0247The ladies compete as individuals and in teams of three.  It was a hot day and the bright sun made the shoot very challenging but great images were produced!!FemmeSport-2014-8510

Last weekend I had so much fun shooting the backyard wedding of Rita and Wes!  It was held at one of their friends house in Mission and I have NEVER see a backyard as wonderful as this one.  There was a massive pondRita-and-Wes-5104 with an amazing bridge, a gazebo, wooden paths, rock paths, a fountain, and plants and flowers of every description a truly awesome spot. Rita-and-Wes-5845 Although this was a small wedding every guest seemed to be there on a mission to ensure the celebration was one to remember and that everyone had fun.  Rita-and-Wes-5225It was truly one of the happiest events I have every attended!!

About 2 weeks ago I had the honour of shooting Dan and Niki’s “Big Day”!  Dan-and-Niki-3478The day started with me meeting the ladies at Chatters where hair spray filled the air and Mimosas filled the glasses.  Then it was back to Dan and Niki’s for some makeup and packing the cars for the trip to the church.  The Ceremony was held at “The Little White Chapel”Dan-and-Niki-5552 in Greendale and the reception was held at Chilliwack Golf and Country Club.  In between those two locations we went to McDonald Park for some wedding party picture fun….and boy was it fun!  Great group to work with and the bride and groom provided us with home made crafty props and a gang of dirt bikes for some unique pictures.  This wedding was truly a pleasure for me to shoot as I have known Dan for 20 years having first met him when he played football for me at 18 years of age and two of his teammates from that squad were groomsmen.  My mom would have said it was just like old home week.  Thank you Dan and Niki for trusting such an event to me and I am very pleased you like the pictures.Dan-and-Niki-3356

Back in June I had the pleasure of shooting my cousin Ayla’s wedding in Winnipeg.  Funny this was certainly not where I imagined my first destination wedding shoot would be! IMG_2214_HDR The night before and the morning of the wedding it was raining in Biblical Proportions!! But as luck would have it the rain let up just about the time we were set to start shooting and stayed away for all the pictures and the outdoor ceremony. Ayla-and-Ty-Wedding-4323 We mostly shot onsite at the Hitch n Post  which was also the location of the reception.  It was a fun filled day and Ayla and Ty’s groomsmen and bridesmaids were a sheer joy to shoot.  It was also great to have help shooting that day from an old friend, Karen Dawson of  Blue Cabin Photography.Ayla-and-Ty-Wedding-3633

Well I would like to be able to list all the reasons and excuses that come to mind for why I have not been keeping up with my blog but alas I cannot….plain and simple I have just not done it!!

Think the last one was in August….been very busy since then with work, football, and of course photography.

Last week I had the privilege of shooting the Annual Bateman Fashion Show which was a blast and I was very impressed by all the students who took part in the show.

At intermission and after the show we had a Photo Booth to raise funds for the Grads!!  Check out images from both below.

Bateman-Fashion-2014-0297 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0435 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0425 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0406Bateman-Fashion-2014-0495 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0469 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0467 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0358 Bateman-Fashion-2014-0391








Recently my cousin Ayla got engaged to her guy Ty and they have agreed to let me shoot their “Big Day” in June of 2014 in Winnipeg!  As luck would have it my wife JoAnn and I had already booked a trip there to visit family and spend some time at the lake in the wilds of Manitoba.  So I managed to find the time to meet Ty and get some photos of the two of them.  At first they both said they had no idea what to do so I should direct them…..well it did not  take long before they had ideas of their own. It was a couple hours of great fun and I even had my nephew Reece (an aspiring photographer) to tag along to help and learn.  have a look at some of the days shots.
























































Last week was a great week for me!  I had a chance to shoot a model I have been wanting to shoot while getting some lighting lessons from a photographer I admire.  Does not get much better than that! We all had a good time and I think we are learned a few things.  It was a nice sunny day so we started the shoot in the studio then moved to the living room…then the deck…..then out in the front yard….and then back to the studio to finish off.