Vancouver Sevens

March 22, 2016 by admin

When I heard the World Rugby 7’s Tour was coming to Vancouver this year I knew I had to be there!  Instead of buying tickets I applied for a Media Pass so I could watch and photography the entire event from field level at BC Place.  Soon I was notified that because I do not work for a publication it was very unlikely I would be granted a pass.  That bit of info bummed me out but I kept on asking anyone officially connected if they could help me.  A few scant days prior to the first kick off I got the email……I was in!!!

Van 7s-6091

On opening day I arrived early so that I could get the lay of the land, any instructions the powers that be had for us, and to meet the other eager shooters.  We were shuttled into the “Pitch” and told where we could shoot from and then we started getting our gear ready.  I felt a little out of place as some of the photogs there had some very special gear to work with!!  No matter I was ready to shoot the biggest event in my life.

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Thousands of fans began arriving, which I am told is odd for the early morning games, but Vancouver was eager to witness every minute of play by the best players in the world. Sixteen teams from 16 nations would be partaking in 46 fast moving action packed games!! One thing that totally amazed me was how every one of those games started and ended on time!  The sellout crowd of over 35,000 screaming fans were on their feet cheering non-stop.  It was amazing standing on the pitch as every one of those fans was up on their feet singing Sweet Caroline and the top of their lungs with joy in their hearts.

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Team Canada played well winning 5 of their 6 games.  They advanced to the Bowl Final and faced off against Team France in a back and forth barn burner of a game that was decided with a convert kick with no time left on the clock. Canada was victorious and the crowd went wild!!!  So glad to have been there to witness the spectacle and am sure gonna do my best to be back next year.

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